TSA - Tochu Walking Beam



Suitable for the efficient blasting of large workpiece areas and when a high production output is required.
The exclusively metallic abrasive media is thrown by the centrifugal force of the rotating blast wheel in a controlled manner onto the workpieces to achieve the desired cleaning results.


Steel Shot


Steel Grit

(Note: Other metallic abrasives can also be used)


Workpiece Samples

The Tochu Walking Beam Blasting Machine Type TSA is specifically designed for the most efficient blasting and peening of crankshafts. The crankshafts can be either manually or automatically placed on the inlet conveyor and are rotated at a variable speed under the two powerful blast wheels to ensure the best possible exposure of all workpiece areas to the abrasive. Due to the carefully engineered position of the blast wheels and the additional guiding plates in the blasting area this machine is very efficient and suitable for any high production requirements. 

  • Variable speed adjustment of Walking Beam & crankshaft rotation
  • Machine can be used for blasting & peening application
  • Width of Walking Beam adjustable to suit different crankshafts
  • Cabinet lined with high wear resistant liners
  • Can be installed in-line
  • Pitless machine design


Max. diameter of workpiece
200 mm
Max. length of workpiece
750 mm
Average blasting time
20 seconds 
Number of blast wheels & capacity
1 x 30 Hp (22.5 Kw) 
Air consumption
18 cfm at 6 bar 
Total power requirements
77 Hp (56.65 Kw) 
Machine dimensions
A                         4950 mm
B                         2390 mm
C                         5000 mm