TC-60 & TC-312DM - Tochu Small Tumblast



Suitable for the efficient blasting of large workpiece areas and when a high production output is required.
The exclusively metallic abrasive media is thrown by the centrifugal force of the rotating blast wheel in a controlled manner onto the workpieces to achieve the desired cleaning results.


Steel Shot


Steel Grit

(Note: Other metallic abrasives can also be used)


Workpiece Samples

These Tochu Tumblast Shot Blasting Machines Type TC are suitable for customers looking for an economical way to clean smaller automotive workpieces, roughen the surface prior to rubber coating or to achieve a cosmetic surface finish for die-casting components. The capability to blast even the smallest workpieces, e.g. screws and nuts, make this product range one of our most popular to date. 

  • Efficient blasting of complicated workpiece shapes due to the tumbling action
  • Automatic unloading of workpieces after blasting cycle
  • High wear resistant rubber conveyor belt ensures gentle tumbling of parts
  • Easy machine operation and maintenance
  • Blasting chamber lined with wear resistant material which can be easily exchanged
  • Compact machine design minimizes space requirements




Charge volume
0.05 m3
0.2 m3
Max. charge weight
70 kg
300 kg
Number of blast wheels & capacity
1 x 3 Hp (2.2 Kw)
1 x 7.5 Hp (5.5 Kw)
Total power requirements
5 Hp (3.7 Kw) 11 Hp (8.1 Kw)
Kích thước máy A                         1100 mm
B                          900 mm
C                         2500 mm
A                         1200 mm
B                         1200 mm
C                         3500 mm