TG - Tochu Gas Cas Cylinder



Suitable for the efficient blasting of large workpiece areas and when a high production output is required.
The exclusively metallic abrasive media is thrown by the centrifugal force of the rotating blast wheel in a controlled manner onto the workpieces to achieve the desired cleaning results.


Steel Shot


Steel Grit

(Note: Other metallic abrasives can also be used)


Workpiece Samples


The Tochu Gas Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine Type TG is one of our best selling machines due to the convenient loading and unloading of the gas cylinders. The rotating action of the cylinder during the blasting process ensures efficient cleaning to the desired standard. This machine can be used for the reconditioning of old cylinders as well as for the descaling and etching prior to paint application of new cylinders. 

  • Fully automated blasting of cylinders
  • Operator friendly loading and unloading of cylinders
  • Pitless and compact machine design
  • Low energy requirements



Size of gas cylinder
3 kg / 48 kg
Blasting capacity per hour [pcs]
160 - 180 / 40 - 45
Number of blast wheels & capacity
2 x 7.5 Hp (5.5 Kw)
Air consumption
 18 cfm at 6 bar
Total power requirements
24.5 Hp (18.15 Kw)
Machine dimensions
A                         2100 mm
B                         5300 mm
C                         3800 mm