TRP - Tochu Rotary Table



Suitable for the efficient blasting of large workpiece areas and when a high production output is required.
The exclusively metallic abrasive media is thrown by the centrifugal force of the rotating blast wheel in a controlled manner onto the workpieces to achieve the desired cleaning results.


Steel Shot


Steel Grit

(Note: Other metallic abrasives can also be used)


Workpiece Samples

The Tochu Turn-Table Shot Blasting Machine Type TRP is extremely versatile and can be used for cleaning castings, scale and rust removal, burr removal and the removal of residue after welding. Workpieces can be roughened or matted and coatings can also be removed. Due to the strategic location of the blast wheels, workpieces of different and complex shapes can also be processed. 

  • Highly versatile machine
  • Machine versions with 6 individually rotating satellites can be offered as well
  • Fully automated blasting of workpieces
  • Minimal floor space requirements
  • Pitless machine design
  • Cost efficient processing of parts


Diameter of table
1600 mm
1800 mm
Operating height of table
800 mm
1500 mm
Max. weight of workpiece
200 kg
200 kg
Rotational speed of table
4 rpm 4 rpm
Number of blast wheels & capacity
2 x 7.5 Hp (5.5 Kw)  2 x 7.5 Hp (5.5 Kw) 
Air consumption
12 cfm at 6 bar  12 cfm at 6 bar 
Total power requirements
23 Hp (17 Kw)
25 Hp (18.5 Kw)
Machine dimensions
A                         1600 mm
B                         2020 mm
C                         2020 mm
A                         1900 mm
B                         2900 mm
C                         5100 mm