THC-90 & THC-10 - Tochu Hand Cabinet



Suitable in cases in which only small surface areas have to be target blasted or in which the complicated workpiece shapes do not allow wheelblasting. All metallic and nonmetallic abrasives can be used in these machines and suction or pressure blast systems are also available.




Steel Shot

Steel Grit

Cut Wire

Stainless Steel Shot

Aluminium Oxide

Glass Beads

Ceramic Beads

Plastic Media


Workpiece Samples

The Tochu Cabinet Type THC features the latest Airblast technology. Our suction blast cabinets (in case of the THC-10 Model a pressure blast version can be supplied) provide a high-performance surface preparation solution that achieves a smooth and beautiful finish. The environmentally friendly, pollution free design ensures the operators health and at the same time provides our customers with an extremely cost efficient solution. Application fields include the cleaning, descaling, etching and cosmetic surface finishing of various workpieces, e.g. automotive parts, alloy wheels, gears, moulds, stained glass etc. A wide range of abrasives can be used, such as steel shot, aluminium oxide, cut wire and glass beads. 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact machine design
  • Convenient machine operation
  • High visibility of workpiece during blasting





Max. width of workpiece
400 mm
500 mm
Max. height of workpiece
300 mm
400 mm
Diameter of table
800 mm
Max. weight of workpiece
40 kg
400 kg
2 x 60 W  2 x 60 W 
Nozzle diameter
9 mm  9 mm 
Air consumption
35.5 cfm at 6 bar
35.5 cfm at 6 bar
Total power requirements
0.5 Hp (0.35 Kw)
1 Hp (0.75 Kw)
Machine dimensions
A                          900 mm
B                         1200 mm
C                         2000 mm
A                         2000 mm
B                         1300 mm
C                         2600 mm
D                           750 mm