TRC - Tochu Roller Conveyor

Tochu Roller Conveyor


Suitable for the efficient blasting of large workpiece areas and when a high production output is required.
The exclusively metallic abrasive media is thrown by the centrifugal force of the rotating blast wheel in a controlled manner onto the workpieces to achieve the desired cleaning results.


Steel Shot


Steel Grit

(Note: Other metallic abrasives can also be used)


Workpiece Samples


The Tochu Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine Type TRC is a highly efficient surface preparation solution for the cleaning and descaling of raw materials such as plates, beams, angles, pipes and simple prefabricated steel structures. Variable conveyor speeds ensure that the required surface finish up to white metal finish Sa3 can be achieved. This kind of equipment is used mainly by Steel Fabricators, Shipyards and customers in the Oil & Gas Industry. 

  • Cabinet lined with high wear resistant liners
  • Easy replacement of wear parts
  • Abrasive and dust free workpieces after blasting
  • Variable speed adjustment of conveyor
  • Can be installed in-line


Max. width of workpiece
 1200 mm  1500 mm
Max. height of workpiece
 350 mm  600 mm
Min. length of workpiece
3000 mm  3000 mm 
Number of blast wheels & capacity
 2 x 7.5 Hp (5.5 Kw)
2 x 10 Hp (7.5 Kw)
2 x 15 Hp (11 Kw)
2 x 20 Hp (15 Kw) 
Air consumption
18 cfm at 6 bar  18 cfm at 6 bar 
Total power requirements
60 Hp (44.75 Kw)  101 Hp (75.25 Kw) 
Machine dimensions
A                         1730 mm
B                         3500 mm
C                         4950 mm 
A                         2130 mm
B                         4000 mm
C                         5850 mm